• Left shoulder (L1): Where Toad keeps his girly mushroom.
  • Right shoulder (R1): Does nothing. Known to freeze the game.
  • Start button: Pause. But only for you, enemies will continue to attack in the background as you spin about through the complicated menu for all eternity, even after you die.
  • Joystick (giggity): Used to control Toad in this totally open world game. Ahh... 1998.
  • A button: It is what it is.
  • B button: Cause The characters to stutter during cut scenes when pressed repeatedly. (fact)
  • Up C: Allows Navajo to spread her slandours filth that Nintendo claims to be valuable information on the game that in reality turns you Communist. Which is bad for some reason.
  • Left C: Allows you to use Meth.
  • Right C: Fingers Toadette. (listen for moaning, works only with Dolby Surround sound mode (BETTER QUALITY THAT A SATURN CAN PLAY).)
  • Down C: The crash after you get High-C.
  • High-C: Secret button unlocked after using Left-C.
  • Z button: Uses BBQ-Targeting function.
  • Я button: (Only featured on russian N64 controllers) Makes Toad masturbate if pushed rapidly.
  • Up Pad: IMMA
  • Left Pad: CHARGIN
  • Right Pad: MA
  • Down Pad: LAZERRR

Toad can also be controlled using a separately sold attached headset. Buttons are assigned to various phrases. Example: To walk forward, you will have to shout "FORWARD!". If you want to move backward shout "GO BACK NOW!" And if you want him to poop, you have to shout "SHITE!" (Cleverly, this disguises as a violent verbal outburst. Just don't shit yourself out of excitement.)

List Of Known Microphone CommandsEdit

Forward - Toad moves forward

Moonwalk - useful in graveyards for it causes Toad to don a red Micheal Jackson suit and dance to "Thriller"

Left - Toad moves left.

My other left - Toad moves right.

Shite - Toad soils his tights.

SWING - Toad uses mushroom. This command isn't always accurate, it constantly gets mixed with the "SCHWING" command.

SCHWING - Toad Teleports to Daisy's Lollipop, Ice Cream, Cupcake, Chocolate, Cookie, Cotton Candy and Cake Box and Rapes Daisy.

SCHWINGSAFELY - Toad Teleports to Daisy's Lollipop, Ice Cream, Cupcake, Chocolate, Cookie, Cotton Candy and Cake Box and Rapes Daisy with protection, returns 2 months later to give her an abortion with a Power Star :) .

SnooPINGAS! usual I see - Toad's cock becomes as large as Toad Town.

Think think - Toad stands in the same spot. This has to be shouted into the microphone constantly for when it is not commanded, Toad runs around in a circle like a stupid dolphin, or in more rare cases, jumps up and down like a stupid monkey.

Pudding Pop - Toad does his impression of Bill Cosby and sucks.

Pokeball, GOOOOO! - Toad throws a pokeball and a random pokemon comes out and rapes either Toad or the nearest innocent monster.

Do something for me that makes sense - Used to open doors pick up bottles, etc.

DO A BARREL ROLL! - Toad will press the a and r button to execute a barrel maneuver. Takes up all 4mb of RAM on the Nintendo Sixty-Four.

[any sound picked up with the microphone that isn't a command] - Toad will sit and do odd things to pass the time i.e: (Leon and Cloud appear outta no where and they Circle jerk to a muffin)

Lunch Break - Pause game

Taking fire, need assistance! - Toad turns away from you and say "Negative".

MEDIC! - Toad will run around in hyper speed saying "Need a dispenser here!" repeatedly.

Do a barrel roll! - Toad will turn around and give you the finger.

Protect the people! - Toad will completely ignore you and murder as many people as he can, as well as those poor, innocent, monsters.

Can't touch this - Toad run for his life.

Leon, help! - Leon from Resident Evil appears and saves him , but then he kills Toad, because he was looking for Ashley

Fox, get this guy off me! - This is famous. An arwing appears and tries to help Toad, but shoot him instead

Power Up - Robs ⊥oad of his swords and gets pretty fucked up

HADOUKEN!! - Toad does a Barrel Roll.

Onward! - Toad summons a giant pidgeon that is supposed to be his steed, but instead it pecks him to death.

Hey, Listen! - Tells Toad to listen to the Fairy that always seems to find a way to get into the storyline.

PlayStation - The screen will turn black and you (in real life) will die a slow, painful death.

it's New Super ⊥oad World - The sky will fill with water and you (in real life) will fly in your swimming animation.

Batankyuu... - Toad Gets Killed By Puyo.

Guu gu guu guu! - Toad Gets Turned To Carbuncle.

IDDQD - Kills the player. Originally the Godmode cheat in Doom, it is a joke by the developers by making it have the opposite effect in This Game. When entered, on the screen is displayed: TRYING TO CHEAT, EH? NOW YOU DIE!

IDKFA - Removes all weapons and ammo the player is carrying. Any weapon that exists as a map item can be regained by picking one up, but the Master mushroom will be lost for the remainder of the game session. It can, however, be recovered by using the All Weapons code. Just like the 'iddqd' cheat, this code is from Doom. In Doom, it gives all keys, armor and ammo. In This Game it does the opposite by taking them all away. The screen says: "CHEATER - YOU DON'T DESERVE WEAPONS"