Template:ShameInfobox Mario Tag 2 is a successful video shame by Nintendo selling over 5,000,000 of copies on its first week. The whole point of this game is to be it the least amount of time.

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Mario is bored so he starts an international tag competition. He expects his friends to come, but some characters from different series of shames arrive as well, hyping up the competition. However, villains from different areas compete in the tag to capture everyone and make them slaves (They are listed as bosses).

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Cheating Edit

Cheaty appears in this game but obviously, he's hiding from Mario and co. so you have to find him. He's only found in four areas.

  • Local Neighbourhood: He is basically hiding in the treehouse that is by the blue house. You have to time your triple jump right so you can get in.
  • Cruise Ship: Here, Cheaty is located in Suite 123, which is locked. All you have to do is climb into the air vents. You can look down the grates, so eventually you'll see a small piece of cardboard that says "Cheater." Now just open the grate and you can find Cheaty.
  • Playhouse: Now he is hiding in a black play ship that is hanging from the roof and is normally unaccesible. Just find a spring, jump onto it and dive into the ship. He is merely hiding behind a treasure chest.
  • Mario's Dream Tag Place: Somewhere there is a huge floating mushroom with the Awesome Face on top of it. Merely just climb up the mountain and jump into the mouth of the Awesome Face. In there he is found right behind the Uvula (or that one punching bag thing).


  • All the Exclusive Characters are not starter/unlockable in Mario kart 8
  • Every character has an individual limited amount of time they can swim in water, except Munch, Blue Pikmin, and Stanger
    • Munch, Blue Pikmin, and Stanger having the longest swimming time.
    • Olimar having the second longest swimming time.
    • Sonic having the second shortest swimming time.
    • Abe, Red Pikmin, and Enemies having the shortest swimming time.